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I am Sudip from Lalitpur and I hav just compteted my engineering from KEC kalimati. Right now I am staying in Gwarkho. I am aged 25, fair, look smart and single. My first sex was with my best friend Moni and this is still fresh in my mind. Here goes the actual incident. I did my graduation from KEC and my class didn’t have many girls to look for. I didn’t have any good friend in girls except for a ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’. When I was in my final year, I get to interact with this girl Moni very often. Gradually by the time we finished our college we were best pals. Even after college our friendship continued through phone calls, late night chats and few personal meets. During this period we became so close that we nearly shared all secrets and few times gone an extra mile. But there was never any indecent act and we always stayed within our limits. One day during our casual conversation I invited her to my home. We have met quite a few times outside but never invited each other to our homes. Since I stay alone I was more hesitant as she may mistake it. This time I did invite her and she accepted it stating she will come over during the week end. Moni is not that great looking but she has everything to be called as Sexy. I at times admire her well maintained figure and have also told her few times that she has a very good body structure. He could probably be of 34-28-34 size. Though she is not fair enough she has well shaped assets to drive men crazy.
Finally the day came. Since that very morning I never thought of having sex with her. She looks sexy and I admire her but never had sex in my mind. I was also thinking if I can seduce her. Little later I realized that Moni is not as modern to take sex lightly and she would not commit herself for such act. I then stopped thinking of seducing and other cheap acts. Fear of losing a friend also ran across my mind. After few mins, doors bell rang. I opened the door to see her draped in Saree for the first time. She looked sexier than usual. I stopped staring at her and invited her inside. Having a girl in my home made me a bit horny. I controlled myself not to act stupid. We had a cup of coffee and chatting for a long time. During this chat, I enjoyed her nice body movements. We spent 4 hours chatting which covered nearly all topics. Then she prepared herself to leave. She bid good bye and started walking towards the main door. I could not control myself at that juncture. Without thinking about anything, I just grabbed her hand. She was bit surprised and taken back. I didn’t say anything except for looking into her eyes. She also didn’t speak a word and this was encouraging me. After few mins I just pulled her closer to me and hugged her. There was all silence around and I was going mad.
I really don’t want things to stop here. So I gathered more courage and kissed her earlobes slowly. I didn’t receive any resistance from her and this encouraged me to proceed further. I slowly kissed her cheeks, forehead and also the neck. She started enjoying it. Finally I placed my lips on her lips. That’s when I realized how beautifully the first kiss is. After few minutes into the kiss, she opened her mouth allowing my tongue to enter. We had a long French kiss meanwhile my hands were exploring her back. I slowly moved my hands over her ass cheeks and pulled her extremely closed. This made my manhood touch her sensitive part. I lifted her a bit and pushed towards a wall. I then slid the pallu of her Saree and started exploring her boobs. I started by slightly squeezing them with my hands. Squeezing got harder and she started moaning within herself. Her sexy looks at the point of time made me even crazier. I completely removed her Saree and open her blouse as well. She is now standing in front of me in just bra and petti coat. I lifted her and took her to my bed room.
I dropped her on my bed and made myself nude. She started blushing and at the same time eager to look at my manhood as well. I fell on her and started kissing every part of her body. I removed her bra which was covering her beautiful boobs and started licking her boobs like a mad dog. I then licked every part of her navel. Untied her petti-cost not and pulled her petti-coat down. It was great to see her in just her panties. In no time I removed her panty as well. She had a beautiful partly shaved cunt. Slowly I started licking her clit which made her moan louder and louder. She is in no mood for stopping and instructed me to enter her.
My dick was rock solid and tried inserting my dick in her pussy. It was really tight and I stared inserting my dick bit by bit. After several attempts I was able to enter into her fully. Now I started pumping her faster. She was shouting ‘oh, Sudip, come on. Keep doing it. I love youuuu. Fuck me harder dear.’ Her crazy shouts made both of them horny. After a hard fuck we both climaxed at the same time. I just fell on her and started relaxing. I started tasting her lips once again. After nearly 15 mins, she got up and started rubbing my tool. This made my dick grow in full size again. I looked at her and asked her if she can do a blow job. We both were having sex for first time and hence she was hesitant and said no. I just asked to try and drop if she didn’t like it. She agreed to it and very hesitantly placed her tongue on my dick. Oh. I was in heaven. She started licking it nicely and in few minutes she was extremely comfortable. She was really good at it and I cummed in hurry. I was surprised to see her licking my cum as well.
Later that day I fucked her again. We had a combined shower and she stared dressing herself to leave. I just kept looking her dressing and finally gave her a nice French kiss before she leave. I never believed that I could actually fuck Moni and it all happened as in dream. That day still lay fresh in me. Lot happened after that day of fuck. I got to fuck couple of more times after that but never had chance to fuck Moni again.

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Sex With My Best Friend Moni (Nepali Sex Story)
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