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She is my x gf… Our relationship was of around 4 years… I have fucked her almost everyday…. After 2 years I started seeing love bites on her body… When I asked her she use to say the mark was due to me few days ago… I also thought maybe…. But it happens again and again… Then I asked her again but seriously…. Then using many tricky question I caught her thoughts… Yes she was fucking with other people too…. But I told her it’s OK I allow you only in case you inform me and don’t hide and cheat me. She felt so relief when I said this to her…. Then she started telling me whenever she is sleeping with anyone… Then I came to know that few of her male friends who also knows me well and with whom I use to keep on meeting, was also fucking her as her fuck buddies…. I shared all this to one of my friend… Instead of he giving me any suggestions he started to forcing me to manage him a chance with her… There was a bit dispute and fight between us but he convinced me…. Then I asked my gf indirectly that how does threesome feels like. Like this I started talking with her. After some time she got the hint and she asked me what’s the plan you are cooking. Then I told her the truth about the plan. She said with your best friend… I said yup… She said if you won’t get hurt is OK with me then she is also OK…
Then we fixed the day …. And the day came and we went to kakani in a lodge. We took only one room… In first we drank vodka… Then weed too…. When three of us got high we went in our room….. First I removed her cloths… Then we got naked… We were still smoking inside our room too… Then we started….

Since that day we started meeting together for sex… And after some time if I was BG they won’t wait for me, they use to meet n screw. This pics are of those day… Pics are bit old and was taken with Chinese phone so sorry for the quality… This is all I have of her. Enjoy

Nepali Sex Story With Images
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  1. Hemant Roka Mgr says:

    Email me on hemantroka555@icloud.com for a safe sex

  2. suman says:

    Yesto gf payeta ma bihe nai garthe. Ghar ma party rakhthe and sab sanga chikauthe. Mero ta pics ta timro gf ko Kura sunera Sarai thankiyo, aba photo haru herdai cholchu. Ani yo kt ko Nam k ho ra kata bascha.???

  3. drac says:

    K yo kt ko name Jenika ho ki k ho??

    1. saroj says:

      is she anu…

  4. Ravi says:

    Malai kina kina maile yo kt chikeko chu bhanne strong feelings aai racha. If i am not wrong then yo kt le aafno uncle sanga ni chikeko cha… and if its right then i even know her bf.

  5. saroj says:

    is she anu…

  6. Suresh says:

    I know this girl…. i fucked her for 3000 in kalo pul… shantas dd ko ghar ma.

  7. Suresh says:

    kapan ma basche

  8. Ravi says:

    Suresh… Chanchau yo Keti lai…..???

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